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Donut World

Donut World

Let’s talk a bit about the donut world. Method of preparation of products in oil has been known since the times of ancient Romans; they called it "globi/globuli." It was small balls of dough in which they added cheese, and fried in oil or melted lard. For decoration they used honey and poppy seeds. After frying "globi/globuli" they would completely immerse the preparation in a bowl of honey and then abundantly sprinkle it with poppy seeds.

In the Middle Ages in Europe they baked "Krapfens”. These products



were bent in the shape of the letter “S”, and something vaguely similar to those of the modern donut world. At the beginning of the 18th century you  could find a description of the production of donuts, which used the exact recipe of dough, and different kinds of fruit for the filling.




All Secrets about How to Do Business with Mini Donut Machine

Donut world

In the “European” donut world is the very different Berliner (Pfannkuchen). This product cooks from sweet yeast dough. As a rule, they are round or oblong shape, and also prepared deep-fried with compulsory overturn. They have a uniform golden color on both sides, and very often they contain different kinds of fillings.



The funny thing is that every country can boast of the recipe for "their" donuts: German Berliner, Austrian Krapfens, Dutch Oliebollen, Chinese Youtiao , French Beignet, Italian Bomboloni, the Spanish Churros, American Donuts and many more.

Russian people are familiar with the traditional donut. It is a round ball of golden color roasted in a large amount of sunflower or olive oil. Also, Russians love donuts that look like a ring. They call it “pishka”. In addition to the traditional Russian donuts, “pishka” are fried in plenty of butter and eaten hot, pre-dusted with icing sugar.

The traditional filling in Berliner is the strawberry jam or plum jam. In Swabia and France they use a paste of rose hips for the filling. In Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol Berliners they use apricot jam. German cooks put sugar syrup on the top Berliner or sprinkle it with powdered sugar. In some areas of eastern Germany, this product loved by all Germans, is made of different recipes to experiment with various tastes of the donut world.  


Donuts are one of the most beloved New Year's dishes of Polish cuisine. They are fried from the morning of Christmas to Epiphany. This period in Poland is called the carnival. The traditional filling for donuts is jam from rose petals and cherry. In Poland, the donuts are called “paczek”.


Most regular and mini-donuts including the ring shaped American donuts are fried in oil resulting in the surface becoming golden brown during cooking.

Like Berliner, donuts in America and Canada too are stuffed with various fillings (fruit jams, butter and protein creams) and the surface sprinkled with powdered sugar or glaze trim, accompanied with nuts, coconut or nonpareil. Enjoy the donut world!


donut world

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